Monday, August 13, 2012


Another successful solo show here in Denver. Thank you everyone for your support.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How High Will the Pegasus Fly?

Road tripping might be one of the most amazing ways to see the country and meet some great people.

A little back story to the trip for you all. In 2007 I purchased a 1998 Saturn from a great friend of mine. He was the original owner he bought it when he was 16 and had taken pretty good care of it minus the hood. I thought to myself if I am going to drive this pile I have to do something about that freaking hood. From that thought, with the help of another great friend Alberto Zapata (the artist) the Flying Pegasus Donkey was born. After almost three years of being carried by the wings this majestic creature the time has come to put her out to pasture. What better way to say thank you to an old friend then to let her spread her wings one last time, and guide my way while seeing the country side.

I left Denver on March 4th where I headed to the one and only scheduled stop in Aspen to meet up with two friends. I spent the weekend hanging out and acclimating to the way of the road. On the morning of march 7th I left the mountains of Colorado and headed west to Moab then just a few stoppes after that. I wrote, drew, painted, shot pictures and most of all I drove. Along the way I checked in on facebook and posted the progress. Now I will be posting everything from the trip here.The other reason for my trip and this is the most important aspect. on July 13th 2006 my cousin Brandon Nichols and his friend Paul Ondrish were killed in a car accident. From this tragic event my family and the Ondrish family established the Brandon and Paul foundation. The Brandon and Paul foundation’s soul focus is generating support for programs that educate young drivers on safe driving habits, programs like Alive at 25. My family and I have been involved in numerous projects that focus on getting the message out there about safe driving such as documentaries, high school assemblies, golf tournaments and many more. So this is another attempt to get your attention. Like I said while on my journey I painted, shot pictures, wrote, drew, etc. Now that I am home I will begin to plan an art show to showcase the work created on the road, date still TBD.

The work created on my travels will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds will be donated to the Brandon and Paul foundation. I saw no more of a fitting way to pay tribute to the young lives that we have lost then to hit the open road and get lost for a bit.

I will be posting all of the work that I completed on my adventure at some point. So check back periodically to see the latest.
On another note I would like to thank some of the amazing people that I met along the way.

AJ thanks for the couch.

Pops, I love the Carpet in the Kitchen.

Elder Johnson, that was informative.

Vegas Fam, Keep your head up.

Allen, Keith and the folks at Discount Tires. Good Karma is coming your way.

Dude at the bar in Prescott, the directions worked great, found free camping.

B-Rad, I hope you didn't drop the ball and you called her.

Jiffy Lube guy, Really man?

The people of Gallup, let's party like it is 1997.

Santa Fe. You are a rad town.

Ann, Kate, Jeff(I think) at the Matador you guys rock.

Ki, that might have been one of the most amazing massages I have ever had. I wish I had more time. Cheers

The Ladies at The Shed. Even though you were from Texas I won't hold that against you. You were two very gracious people. Keep fighting the good fight.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Piece of the new series

The latest series will be an exploration into the psyche of my friends, family, and co-workers. I reached out to all of the above, and asked them to provide me with stories of their strangest dreams. From there I will develop pieces that convey their stories in a visually interesting way. This is the first of many to come. I have some weird friends so stay tuned I have a feeling this one will be interesting.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Latest Piece "TO BETTER DAYS"

This latest piece is a tribute to a person that changed my life and in turn forced me to think differently about how I approach everything. To better days represents the need hold on to the good days while not forgetting the lessons that the hard times taught you.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Dirty Thirty at Blackbook

It was a great show and an amazing turnout. I want to thank everyone for coming and for sharing this gigantic milestone in my life. A huge thank you goes out to Som Perry, Ryan Philbrick, Ryan Price, Aaron Finkelstein for their help and the rest of my friends and family for being patient while I drove them crazy getting this thing ready. Check out the link and see some pics from the show.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Debut show at BLACKBOOK

Join PICKERING as he plugs that gaping hole in your social calendar, by turning 30. The d├ębut of DISBOUND will seduce your eyes while music spun by Artistroster’s resident DJ,The Sparrow and the Cobra, will get you in the mood. Drinks available as a backup.

at: Blackbook Gallery 555 Santa Fe Dr. Denver CO

when: friday JULY 30th 8pm

event presented in association with